The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

Why Climate Controlled Storage is the Best Choice

If you find yourself buying a home, selling a home, or building a home in Murphy, NC and the Western NC area, the process often doesn’t follow a predictable timeline. You may have sold your current home before your new house is move-in ready. Maybe you move to the area for a new job, and you decide to rent a small house or apartment until you can find the perfect home. Perhaps you find yourself between homes for any number of reasons.

You may be a business owner in need of storing excess supplies, inventory, and even equipment offsite. You could be literally bursting at the seams, and there’s simply no room for more.

Regardless of the reason, you need a convenient place to store your “stuff.” 

Fortunately, renting a convenient storage unit will solve the problem. Standard (non-climate controlled) units are readily available even in smaller towns and less-traveled locations.

However, climate controlled storage units are less common, and there are often a limited number of units available for rent. Climate controlled units may cost more than a standard unit, however they offer several advantages that make them well worth the extra investment.

Climate Controlled Storage Defined

The term “climate controlled storage” accurately describes this storage method. Similar to a house with a central HVAC unit, a climate controlled storage unit keeps the interior (and your unit’s contents) at a constant temperature throughout the year. 

Even here in Western North Carolina, fluctuations of extreme heat and cold happen throughout the land of 4 seasons. Our climate controlled system ensures your unit’s interior and its contents always stay about the same temperature. 

In addition, our heating and air system also ensures the humidity remains at a constant level. This is essential for your valuables because the wetness of humidity can damage far worse than temperature alone. This ensures your belongings are safe.

When Climate Controlled Storage is Advised

Standard household items such as dishes, plastic items, and metal patio furniture will be fine in a standard storage unit. Some business supplies and equipment can also tolerate varied temperature and humidity levels. 

However, certain items can easily be damaged by repeated temperature and humidity fluctuations. For example, quality or antique furniture’s wood can experience cracking or warping. Upholstered furniture, heirloom quilts, and papers of any kind can fall victim to mildew.

Climate controlled storage is advised for the following items:

  • Antiques (Particularly Wood Furniture)
  • Book and Magazine Collections
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Artwork
  • Furniture
  • Leather
  • Important Documents and Papers
  • Mattresses
  • Musical Instruments
  • Upholstered Furniture
  • Vinyl Recordings

Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage offers several concrete benefits. Taken together, they make a clear case to protect your belongings.

Protection from Extreme Temperature Swings

In Western North Carolina, summer peak temperatures can reach above 100 degrees. Winter temperatures frequently drop to the teens at night and can even reach negative degrees. Your climate controlled storage unit will keep your contents at a constant temperature regardless of how hot or cold it gets outside.

Better Interior Air Quality 

When you’re searching for a storage unit, you may not realize interior air quality is important. Consider that a standard storage unit isn’t sealed from the elements. As a result, humid or polluted outside air can seep in through cracks, and it will certainly intrude when you open the unit.

In contrast, a climate controlled storage unit constantly recirculates and filters the interior air. This ensures that the unit’s contents are constantly exposed to cleaner air. If you are storing important documents or sensitive electronics, this is an important benefit.

Minimal Dust and Debris Accumulation

A standard storage unit is often located on an exterior wall. As a result, dust and debris can filter in through cracks around the door and exterior metal gaps. When you open the unit, you’ll likely track in some dirt, and the wind can blow more dirt and debris inside the unit. Depending on the unit’s location and surrounding area’s drainage, minor flooding may occur during heavy rains.

In contrast, Storage Murphy’s climate controlled units are located safely in the building’s interior. The structure’s roof, walls, and floor are sealed and insulated against the elements with closed-cell insulation foam to seal it tightly.

No Insect or Rodent Intrusion

Opportunistic insects (and even mice) can potentially find their way into a standard storage unit. Imagine finding your nice off-season clothes, important documents, or other valuables eaten or gnawed on by these unwelcome pests.

Storage Murphy has much greater protection from the elements and unwelcome guests. With significant barriers to entry, ambitious insects and rodents won’t be able to feast upon your storage unit’s contents. In addition, we have regular pest and insect treatment from a local exterminating company to provide you an extra layer of security.

Maximum Peace of Mind 

When you place your household items, keepsakes, documents, or business supplies and equipment in storage, you may not know how long they’ll stay there. Here at Storage Murphy, your items will be protected from the elements and unwelcome pests. You’ll enjoy peace of mind until you can retrieve them when you’re good and ready.

Storage Murphy Offers a Convenient Solution

Fortunately, quality climate controlled (and humidity controlled) storage is just a few miles away. Storage Murphy offers several differently-sized units, and you’ll enjoy 24-hour access to your items. In addition, our units are constantly under digital video surveillance. To book and pay for your unit online, Rent Storage right here!

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