There are big benefits to climate controlled storage units especially locally owned

Published on 2/19/2023

Relying on a locally owned climate-controlled storage unit for your belongings may be the best choice for peace of mind. With the owners of Storage Murphy living right here locally, you can know your unit and facility is regularly checked for security and cleanliness.

At a locally owned storage facility, you can rest assured that the premises are well maintained with sweeping and cleaning regularly done. With 18 surveillance cameras guarding the perimeter, there is an extra layer of security keeping an eye on everything 24/7. And with regular personnel on-site, any issues or concerns can be addressed right away.

The benefits of locally owned storage facilities don't end there—many other options are not locally owned or have no cameras at all. That means the only person keeping an eye on your belongings is you—not ideal if you won't have regular access to check it or if something should go wrong.

That's why having a local climate-controlled storage unit can make all the difference in bringing peace of mind to security and not worrying about mold, mildew, and damage. Having your unit checked on regularly and knowing your belongings are safe from theft or other elements beyond your control will give reassurance, especially if you need to store valuable items for an extended period of time.

Ultimately, when choosing between different types of storage units, it's wise to consider all factors involved before committing. Relying on a locally owned climate-controlled option could be one of the best decisions for ensuring the safety and security of your possessions for years to come!

Please note we do not have access inside your unit. We're checking the outside to make sure nothing has been bothered.