Did you know we constantly monitor your climate controlled storage with 4 sensors

Published on 10/2/2022

When it comes to climate controlled storage in Murphy NC, and anywhere in Western North Carolina, the temperature is a big deal to protect your belongings. Do you know humidity is even more harmful to your belongings than the temperature? It will damage and mildew or mold your valuable property faster than anything. Because of that, we manage FOUR temperature and humidity settings throughout Storage Murphy. They constantly measure and track the humidity and temperature 24/7 and if levels of either get out of range, we get an alarm alert immediately so we can fix it!

Regular Self Storage units are not climate controlled and usually mirror whatever is happening outside. Did you know Western North Carolina is considered a temperate rainforest? That means it can be 100% humidity outside frequently! That will definitely cause issues for your belongings. Because of that, our climate controlled storage units in Marble NC are the best way to prevent damage. Not only that, we're less than 3 miles from both the Wal-Mart and Casino in Murphy NC.

What should the humidity be in your storage unit? 55% is the max according to resources online like storageunits.com. You can see our tracking software shows that we’ve never crossed over 50.4% over the past month. That’s a big benefit for your belongings!

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