Our Digital Lock Access

Published on 7/31/2022
When you need a storage unit around the Murphy NC area, you want to make certain your belongings and valuables are safe. We've got you covered and here are three ways we do. 

First, our all interior access only on our climate controlled storage units makes your unit significantly more secure. Think of it like a motel where all the doors face out to the parking lot versus a hotel where you have to go through the main lobby where all the rooms are accessed inside. That's a big difference in your security!

Second, we have 18 cameras watching the hallways, doors to storage units, and the perimeter of the building and property!

Last for the purposes of this article is our digital lock leading into our climate controlled storage units. It seems so simple, easy to use, and unassuming when you enter by simply entering your personal code. Behind it, there's some seriously high-end technology! When you rent a storage unit at Storage Murphy in NC, you're immediately assigned your personal code that's active right away. No waiting! Need to change your code? We can do that! You don't have to meet anyone, sign out a key, exchange a key, none of that! 

Fast security that you can remember, we make it easy! Want to rent a unit or have questions? Call us at 828-888-9292 or rent online. We look forward to your being our guest :)