We don't Let Mice Hang Around at Storage Murphy NC

Published on 7/24/2022
When it comes to Climate Controlled Storage in Murphy NC, we love having our guests stay with us and trust that we're making a great environment for their personal belongings. But, not all guests are welcome! Mice and bugs, we don't want them! That's why we have regular pest control service provided by John Boy Exterminating in Murphy, NC. 

No one likes to think about mice and we don't either. We've gotten the question, "what are the small boxes in the hallway?" That's easy - those are the mouse traps if we do get an unwelcome guest. So far we've not had any and we're going to do everything we can to keep it that way. 

Bugs, we don't want them either! John Boy Exterminating also does regular treatment to keep out the bugs. We want you to enjoy our great Climate Controlled environment, not pests!